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My Story Behind It All

He Heals the broken hearted.  -Psalm 147:3

 I remember going to church with my family as a child, I did enjoy it, the music, the bible stories and I even remember getting baptized. At that time, I felt God so close to my heart. As I got older, in my teenage years, something unfortunate happened to me that changed my whole world. I wasn't the same, and it made me feel dirty, and unwanted to him. I thought, "how could God let his happen to me? Didn't he care for me?" Since I didn't have the answer I moved on thinking the answer was no. I continued my life without Jesus in my life. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good. I continued life plain and with no meaning. I did what I wanted, disobeyed my parents, enjoyed boys attention, got in a lot of fights and started to drink a lot of alcohol. I got married  had three kids, and after twelve years I got divorced. It was very heart breaking for. I became very depressed and sometimes suicidal if it wasn't for my kids. Soon after I found out I got hit again with more bad news, I got thyroid cancer. I was at my breaking point. I wanted it all to end. These past years had been the toughest. I had an accident in which I almost drowned in a pool. I was very close to death, Jesus entered into my life and grabbed a hold of my heart. My life has changed so much since then, its incredible! I have been through a lot, but, I know he is he for me and I know he loves me! Everyday I walk with him. He is my true father who stands by me and offers me everything.


"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt