Happy New Year Everyone!

So excited to share my first traveling trip this year will be to Alaska in February if God permits! My reservations are set and my plane ticket is bought. I will be staying in a beautiful cabin in the country side of in a town called Palmer just outside of Anchorage. I am real excited I finally get this trip i have been wishing for. I will be blogging and taking beautiful pictures of scenery and spending plenty of time with Jesus spiritually finding myself. Its going to be inspiring for me! I just wanted to share this with you all. As this year goes by I want to do my best in traveling some at least 2 to 3 times this year to my favorite places (if i can get away from work, and family) and bring you all along with me.

I hope this year God brings all of you much health, love and plenty of faith!! Remember He is loyal and even though there is so much going on in this world there is nothing bigger then him. He controls it all. This world is scary, but I have so much faith in my heart that I don't see the scary part of this world, I see the good side and so I open my eyes every morning, and smile ready to start my day to help anyone my lord puts in my path. For I am here for him to help his children find their way to him. Many blessings to you all! God Bless

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