Holiday Blessings!

Sorry It's been awhile that I have been on here, I apologize. My work has consumed me and all of the Christmas season has too, but it hasn't stopped me from my time with my Father, and my devotional times and prayers. Christmas has been my time to rejoice not for the presents, and craziness of the people and ongoing Christmas movies they repeat on TV, but mainly because of the story of Mary and the birth of Jesus.

The Nativity is a wonderful story that can be told to any age. I saw a series on BBC that interested me. It was a bit different then what I had seen but it made me think to what if the story really went like that? What if it was like that instead of the way it was told in other movies? Makes you wonder really what was the real story of Mary and Joseph. The bible does tell us certain facts, but not all. If you ever have a chance to look it up watch and maybe leave a comment on here to let me know what you think I am curious if you agree or disagree with me!! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with loved ones!

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